Rice Soup with Beef and Yolk (Brnji apur)

Rice soup with beef and yolk (Brnji apur) – recipe with photo, armenian cuisine
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Cooking Time:
1 hour
Recipe Yield:
3 l
Medium recipe

Rice soup with beef and yolk (Brnji apur) – a recipe of Armenian cuisine, based on beef broth with pieces of meat, a thick rice soup is cooked.

Recipe Ingredients

Beef 400 g
Rice 0.5 cup
Onion 1 pcs
Egg Yolk 1 pcs
Water 3 l
Ghee 1 tbsp
Dill 1 bunch

Cooking Recipe

For the rice soup with beef and yolk recipe, wash the beef, put it in boiling water, cover and simmer for an hour. Add salt and pepper 5 minutes before the end of cooking. Put the finished boiled meat, cut into portions, and strain the broth.

Transfer the rice washed in cold water to the hot broth and put on medium heat. Finely chop the onion and fry in melted butter. Add the fried onion to the rice, mix and cook until the rice is fully cooked.

In a separate bowl, beat the yolk with a small amount of hot broth. Pour the beaten yolk into brndzi apur, mix and bring to a boil. When serving, put meat in a bowl with soup and sprinkle with chopped herbs.