Cheeseburger – recipe with photo, american cuisine
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Cooking time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 1 servings

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Cheeseburger – recipe for American cuisine, a cheeseburger will taste much better if the cheese is slightly melted in it.

Cheeseburger Ingredients

Cheeseburger Recipe


For the cheeseburger, cut the bun in half lengthwise and heat it on the grill from the inside. Form a thin cake from minced meat and put on the grill. After one side is fried, turn over, put a slice of cheese on top and fry the second side. During this time, the cheese should float slightly.


Lubricate both sides of the bun with mayonnaise and ketchup, put the fried minced meat with cheese on the bottom of the bun. Then lay out the cucumbers, cut into thin circles, after the onion ring, slices of tomato and lettuce. Cover cheeseburger with the top of the bun and serve immediately while hot.

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