Green Chutney

Green chutney – recipe with photo, Indian cuisine
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Cooking Time:
30 min.
Recipe Yield:
350-400 ml
Medium recipe

Green chutney – Indian food sauce recipe, ready-made chutney kept in refrigerator. Serve the sauce with any fresh vegetable salads, appetizers or rice dishes.

Recipe Ingredients

Mint 1 bunch
Cilantro 1 bunch
Bell Pepper 0.5 pcs
Onion 1 pcs
Tomatoes 1 pcs
Apples 0.5 pcs
Yogurt 2 tbsp
Water 100 ml
Cumin 0.5 tbsp
Lemon 0.5 pcs

Cooking Recipe

For the green chutney recipe, rinse the vegetables and herbs, chop finely and place in a blender.

Fry the cumin in a dry frying pan and add to a blender. Then pour in yogurt, water and grind until smooth.

In the resulting green chutney add lemon juice, salt and mix well. Serve the sauce in a separate bowl with rice dishes or fresh vegetable salads.